Southern Tide Creates Quality Clothing For Todays Successful Men

Southern Tide is a company that began in South Carolina and focuses on offering classic styles of clothing for men and women. One of their signature lines includes a timeless polo shirt. The company was originally motivated by the clothing in Italy where clean lines and high quality craftsmanship and fashion is the norm. Inspired by those concepts a new clothing line was formed that focused on style, sophistication, comfort, elegance, attention to detail and charm.

Southern Tide Product Line

In addition to the classic polo that they are so well known for Southern Tide also offers a range of other apparel including hats, shorts, pants, sports shirts, denim, neckwear, sweaters, footwear and accessories. The look is classy and timeless while the fit is renowned for being comfortable and relaxing. With such amazing products available it is no surprise to see how much the company has grown in only a few short years. They have been recognized by Forbes as one of “Americas Most Promising Companies” and were awarded the Customer Service Award at the New York Men’s Apparel Market. Southern Tide is on course to continue with their success and has been consistently growing in popularity each year.

Where to Purchase Southern Tide Clothing

The company originally did not have retail stores and operated entirely through an online presence and with specialty retail stores and partners. Their first store recently opened in South Carolina but they are still available through fine retailed in over 750 locations.

Why Style and Quality Are So Important

Whether we are going in to the office, running errands around town, hanging out with our friends or enjoying a relaxing game of golf, the clothes that we wear make an important impact on our lives. If we wear clothes that are well made and high quality, it will make us feel more confident and full of vitality. When we wear clothes that are poor quality we often feel depressed or let down. Since we spend so much of our time in the clothes that we buy it only makes sense to take care with our purchases and ensure that we wear the best quality clothes that we can. This often means that we will have to pay a bit more for something to begin with, but they will hold their shape, color and fit for a lot longer than clothes that are of inferior quality.

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