Some Reasons You Might Want to Consider Hiring a Foreclosure Attorney

Behind on your mortgage payments? Facing foreclosure? if so, you may want to consider hiring a foreclosure attorney. If you fall very far behind on your payments- the bank can begin a legal process, called a foreclosure, which allows the bank to sell your home to repay your mortgage. If you wait too long to hire an attorney, it might be too late to stop the foreclosure process. Here are some reasons to hire a foreclosure attorney in Valdosta.

Your loss mitigation options. Certain types of loans have loss mitigation options that allow people to become current on their mortgage loan. For instance, some people might qualify for a “partial claim,” which is a type of loan that will bring them current on their mortgage payments. Not all lenders will let you know about each alternative that is available to you. Your foreclosure attorney can advise you about the available options.

Help you modify your loan. A loan modification is an agreement between the lender and borrower that changes the original terms of the loan. A lawyer can assist you in the loan modification process. A modification might extend the amortization term or lower the interest rate. Your foreclosure lawyer can also examine the paperwork to make sure there are no illegal charges–like improper advances or fees–added to the balance.

Raise defenses in court. Your foreclosure lawyer might be able to point out errors that the bank has made in the foreclosure process. If your foreclosure attorney raises a legitimate defense and the court agrees with the argument, your lender may consider a settlement or the foreclosure may be dismissed in court.

Provide military advice. Active military service members have special protections against foreclosure, certain rights, under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). The SCRA is very extensive and complex. If you are a military member, a foreclosure lawyer can inform you about your rights and help ensure that the servicer complies with the law.

Don’t be a victim of a foreclosure. Find a foreclosure attorney in Valdosta to request a consultation. A foreclosure attorney can help you navigate foreclosure and potentially stay in your home!

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