Some Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Looking and Smelling Great

A bathroom should serve as an oasis in the home, providing a space for you to relax and release the stresses of your day. If your bathroom is dirty or foul smelling, however, this relaxing retreat will be anything but. That’s why it’s important to maintain your bathroom on an ongoing basis to ensure the activities you do every day don’t turn your bathroom into an unpleasant place to be. To make it attractive, frameless shower doors in Chicago can be an option.

Change the Linens

All of the surfaces in your bathroom are exposed to high amounts of moisture on a regular basis. This reality presents the potential for mildew to begin to form, causing a foul odor that is, in some cases, worse than other “bathroom activities.” One great way to prevent this is to change and clean the linens in your bathroom regularly.

This category includes rugs, towels, washcloths, shower curtains – anything soft that can make an inviting home for bacteria to grow and multiply. Especially in the summer, towels should be changed out, at most, every few days as the combination of heat and moisture leads to a stinky situation in a shorter amount of time.

Dust Often

Another issue related to the constant moisture exposure in the bathroom is that any dust settling on surfaces within the bathroom tends to become sticky and gunky, ruining the overall appearance of the space. That’s why it’s important to regularly dust your bathroom before the dust has a chance to become saturated with moisture, resulting in a sticky and hard-to-clean mess.

Control Your Shower

The largest source of water in your bathroom is your shower, so it’s especially important to take every measure you can to control the water that is used in this space. A shower curtain provides an easy fix while frameless shower doors in Chicago provide an elegant and lasting solution that also makes it easier to enter and exit your tub. For frameless shower doors in Chicago that add beauty and value to your home, contact the glass experts of Lakeview Glass Inc.

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