Some Basic Steps of Septic Tank Maintenance in Quakertown, PA

Your septic tank is a system that operates much like a compost system or an ecosystem. When you run water through your fixtures or flush your toilet, the waste runs into the tank. The oil rises to the top and the solid waste sinks to the bottom. The middle layer is a layer of gray water. The water is then piped into your yard, and drains through a drainfield. The drainfield is filled with some kind of substance with a high surface area such as sand or activated charcoal. There are also microbes in the drain field that help to compost the nutrients in the wastewater. That is why the area around your septic tank is often greater than the rest of your yard. Septic tank maintenance keeps your yard green and free of sewage.

Drain Field Problems

The problems that occur with drain fields typically occur when the drain field becomes clogged. The field works like a screen or a filter. As with any other kind of filter, the filter can become clogged from time to time, which will cause the waste to begin to back up in the septic tank. An expert in septic tank maintenance in Quakertown, PA will work through different ways to clear your drain field.

You should visit website to see what kinds of septic tank options you have. There are many other problems that can arise outside of just a drain field.

Backflow Prevention

One of the most important elements of septic tank maintenance is preventing backflow. Sometimes, wastewater can run backwards in the septic tank pipes and into your house or your yard. You might need a backflow preventer to keep that from happening. If there is backflow, you need maintenance to your preventer.

A septic tank emergency can be very devastating and expensive. Frequent maintenance is important to keep those emergencies from happening.

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