Solid Arguments for Hiring a Kansas City Lawyer to File for Social Security

The judges who hear Social Security disability cases have an obligation to safeguard these funds. They cannot award benefits to every single person who comes to court complaining of an illness or injury.

Still, in their zeal to protect these benefits, they sometimes deny people who have legitimate claims for monthly payments. You can apply for and possibly win payments for Social Security in Kansas City by hiring an experienced attorney to represent your case.

Bringing Evidence to Court

When you make a formal petition for Social Security in Kansas City, you have to bring to court a wealth of evidence that establishes your right to receive these benefits. Your evidence can take several different forms. Your lawyer will know what kind of proof is required to establish your particular injury or illness.

If you suffer from a condition like COPD or pulmonary fibrosis, for example, you could present the court with x-rays and scans of your lungs. The scans should show the scarring in these organs as well as the fibrosis that restricts your ability to breathe.

Likewise, if you want to claim the benefits because you are going blind, you need to show the court medical records that prove your loss of central vision. The judge has to know that you have a condition that prevents you from going back to work and earning an income.

Making an Appeal

Even if you suffer from a fatal illness, there is a good chance that your first case will be denied. You then have to file an appeal right away for another hearing. Your lawyer can get the appeal on the court’s docket so that you can have the judge reconsider your evidence.

You can find out more about applying for Social Security in Kansas City online. Contact Grundy Disability Group online.

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