Solar Solutions Include Exterior Window Awnings

These days, our love for the great outdoors and warm sunny-filled days comes with a certain caution as well. The medical industry has made us all aware of the dangerous effects from overexposure to the sun. Harmful UV rays can pose health risks and premature aging.

But did you ever consider the damaging effects to your home? Protecting your home’s exterior from over exposure to the sun can save you money and time. A custom awning system can provide years of protection for your patio, furnishings, decking, or front porch. Even better news: you can expect the same benefits with matching awnings for exterior window.

One Season vs. Four Seasons
Homeowners have different needs and perspectives depending on where they live. Residences in the south-west experience the intensity of the sun year-round. Desert conditions require an aggressive approach to protecting and cooling a home. Although residents of the eastern region of the U.S. experience four seasons, they can count on an awning solution with add-on accessories to extend their time outdoors.

Window Dressing
Creating a comfortable outdoor patio space is certainly achievable with a retractable awning system. But what about the entire facade? Windows are an easy entry point for the hot summer sun. You can protect your high sun area windows in the hot months and fully retract the awnings in the cooler months to let the light inside. Commercial dealers stock hundreds of high-quality, marine fabrics that block up to 98% of the sun’s UV rays.

Commercial Dealers
Awning manufacturers recommend working with a dealer that provides national brand products. Locally assembled awning retailers change out their product and hardware based on the best price. This can prove challenging for future service and repairs if parts are no longer available from your local retailer. A national awning manufacturer provides standard warranties on their frames, fabrics, and accessories. Your retailer should also be able to provide a professional installer.

Make sure to ask your preferred provider about retractable exterior window awnings. Enjoy the great outdoors and the many sun filled days during the warm and hot months of the year with the ultimate sunblock, a retractable awning system.

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