Social Security Lawyers in Libertyville Can Help After a Loved One Passes Away

There is nothing more heart wrenching than when a loved one passes away. This is especially true if it is your spouse. What is a person supposed to do if their spouse brought the money into the home? Fortunately, there are systems in place to support and help widows and widowers when their spouse passes away. You are going to be applying for a branch of Social Security known as survivor benefits. This is just one of many Social Security programs available.

Social Security disability is the name of a government program that was created to provide a source of income for individuals who are not able to work for one reason or another, typically medical reasons. This program was put in place to provide people with a source of income when they become too old to work as well. If your spouse was the breadwinner for the house and they passed away, you should reach out to Social Security Lawyers in Libertyville for advice. Social Security Lawyers in Libertyville are going to be able to explain how Social Security benefits can help you after your loved one has passed away. The other reason you want Social Security Lawyers in Libertyville in your life is to have someone to represent you during your battle for the compensation that you deserve.

The way the Social Security system works is you put money into the system while you are working. People who are already too old to work or disabled are receiving that money in the form of monthly paychecks. Eventually, you put enough money into the system to reserve your place to receive disability. Then that spot is waiting for you when you retire or when you become disabled. If you were to pass away your slot would be passed to your spouse. The problem is that your loved one might not be able to work and might not be old enough to technically start receiving the benefits. Your loved one would need someone such as The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. to help them explain why they are not able to work and why they should be allowed to start receiving the benefits early. It will definitely help when your loved one presents the fact that you were the one who made all the money working because they were unable to.

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