Skilled Nursing: What to Know About Transitional Care

Skilled nursing refers to patient care or treatment that can only be administered by licensed nurses. Services can include dressing up complex wounds, rehabilitation assistance and help. In some cases, patients might require tube feedings or have their lungs suctioned off. A skilled nursing facility in Fairfield County CT primarily provides transitional care.

What is Transitional Care?

Transitional care is involved when residents transfer from care environment-a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, primary care physician, home health or more-to another. Specifically, these changes can happen in this way:

  • Within Setting: This refers to transfers from a primary care to specialty care unit or could easily refer to a patient moving from intensive care unit to the ward.
  • Between Settings: This happens when a patient is transferred from the hospital to sub-acute care. It can also refer to instances when a patient is transferred from the ambulatory clinic to senior housing.
  • Across States: This is when patients transfer from curative care to palliative care or a hospice. A move from home to an assisted living facility is under this category as well.

In some cases, skilled nursing can indicate the end of the line for long-term nursing residents, as the facility provides care for patients with rapidly changing health condition.

What to Know about Transitional Care

This refers to actions designed to provide patients with continuity of care, transferring them to whichever levels of care best suits their needs. It includes a spectrum of services and care settings to ensure the safe and timely move of patients across different levels of care and environments. These services bridge the gap as patient families deal with different providers, services and settings, the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists or NACNS says.

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