Skeptical About Juicing? Here are four reasons that may tickle your taste buds.

In recent years, juicing has picked up as an all-natural, way to improve your overall health. The sight of a tall green liquid may remind you of your childhood when you were forced to eat your vegetables. Hopefully these four reasons will change your perspective on health foods!

1. It’s Actually Delicious!

It may come as a surprise, but green juices are incredibly tasty. While they contain vegetables that many people shy away from—like kale, broccoli, or spinach, for example—these leafy greens are often offset by the addition of a small amount of fruit juice to give the mix a tasty kick. If you visit a juice bar, you’ll note that many of the green recipes likely contain one “tasty” ingredient.

2. Helps absorb all the nutrients from vegetables

Fruit juice contains a lot of vitamins and comes with its own benefits, but the main downside is the high sugar content. By drinking fruit juices or fruit smoothies, you may be on track to weight gain due to all of the extra sugar. However, with green juices, you’ll get all of the vitamins, nutrients, and fiber, with a fraction of the sugar. If you really want to cut it down, you can opt to flavor your green juice with some ginger or lemon instead of the addition of sugary fruit.

3. Consume the highest amount of vegetables in an efficient manner

According to Time Magazine, green juice can contain over 36 percent of recommended potassium and 20 percent of daily vitamin A. Especially since the USDA has stated that our vegetable intake is often muddled by unhealthy cooking techniques.

4. It’s Perfect for a Boost on the Go

Visiting an organic juice bar is the perfect healthy alternative on the go. Whether you grab a green smoothie or a green juice you will satisfy your thirst without compromising your health!

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