Six Questions to Ask When Looking for a Child Physician in Starkville, MS

It’s important for parents to ask questions when they’re looking for a Child Physician in Starkville MS. New parents may not know what questions to ask, though.

Find out how long the pediatrician has been practicing.

Physicians that have been practicing longer will have more experience and be able to give a better perspective on different childcare issues. Parents need to know how long the doctor has been practicing. If they don’t, the first appointment is a good time to find out.

Find out how long a checkup lasts. Parents may have to take time off work to take their children to doctor’s appointments, so it’s important to find out how long a checkup lasts. They shouldn’t be excessively long, but they should last at least 20 minutes.

Find out if the pediatrician has children.

Doctors with children may also be more sympathetic to what the child and the mother are feeling, and they may be able to give advice on different issues.

Find out if they have a philosophy about childcare.

Ask them questions about breastfeeding, alternative medicine, circumcision, vaccinations, and problems with sleep or discipline. New mothers especially may not know much about these topics, so a doctor’s perspective can be helpful.

How do they handle emergencies?

Some practices can accommodate same-day appointments and some can’t. It’s important to know if the practice can handle same-day appointments or if the child will have to go to the emergency room in an emergency.

Find out if they participate in a group practice.

If the doctor has their own practice, find out how emergencies are handled while they’re away. If they participate in a group practice, find out about the other doctors. Group practices may have a pediatric nurse practitioner. This specialist has a Master’s Degree and special pediatric training. If the practice has physician assistants, they are not nurses but have a college degree and two years of special training.

These are just some of the things new parents should find out when choosing a Child Physician in Starkville, MS. New parents may still have more questions, so please feel free to Contact us.

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