Simple Answers to Common Questions About Backflow Prevention Testing in Dayton, OH

Modern plumbing systems are quite complex, particularly in cities like Dayton where residential homes, businesses, and other buildings are all connected to a municipal water supply. That’s why periodic Backflow Prevention Testing in Dayton OH is so essential.

What’s So Bad About Backflow?

All homes and businesses that are connected to a municipal water supply must have backflow prevention systems installed in their plumbing systems. These specialized systems ensure that wastewater being evacuated from the building is not able to flow back into its clean water, causing potentially dangerous contamination issues. When the backflow prevention system is not working properly, inhabitants and workers are placed at risk of exposure to contaminated water.

How Can Property Owners Prevent Contamination?

Only a licensed plumber can perform backflow testing. The devices used to ensure that no wastewater is able to come into contact with clean, potable water are quite complicated, as are the plumbing systems they are designed to protect. There won’t necessarily be obvious signs of contamination should the backflow prevention system cease to function, so property owners need to take the initiative to schedule testing periodically even if everything appears to be in functioning order.

What Does Testing Entail?

Potential sources of contamination are called cross-connections. Irrigation systems, jumper connections, and bypass, changeover, and swivel arrangements are all common cross-connections that are found in many plumbing systems, and all of them are potential sources of backflow. Thus, Backflow Prevention Testing in Dayton OH must include an evaluation of all these plumbing connections in addition to testing of the backflow prevention system itself.

Who is Qualified to Perform These Evaluations?

Home and business owners that are unsure who to call can contact their local water authority to find more information about certified companies and contractors. Alternately, they can get in touch with company, a locally certified and experienced plumbing company that is Better Business Bureau accredited and highly regarded by its customers.

Local water authorities suggest annual testing and inspection of backflow prevention devices, vacuum breakers, and other essential components. It’s always a good idea to have this testing performed by a plumbing contractor who is also experienced with backflow preventer cleaning and repairs. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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