Signs Your Gilbert, AZ, Car Is Dealing With a Fuel System Problem

When it comes to issues that your vehicle may deal with, there are usually signs that indicate a problem. For example, if you hear a clicking or clanking sound under your vehicle, this may be a sign that an axle needs to be repaired. Issues with the fuel system are common. If you have a fuel system problem, you may notice poor acceleration, a rough idle, a vehicle that will not start at first, or decreased power. Here are some of the most common issues that would require fuel system service near Gilbert, AZ.

The fuel pump in the vehicle has the job of moving gas out of the tank and pushing it to the engine through the fuel lines. This is a long journey since the gas tank is usually at the rear of the vehicle. You may be dealing with a failing fuel pump if the engine cranks over a couple of times before it starts.

Another issue that would require fuel system service near Gilbert, AZ, is a clogged fuel filter. Changing the fuel filter needs to be done at specific intervals that are specified in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. The filter needs to be cleaned or changed if excess water, dirt, or debris is mixed in with the fuel.

Another problem that you may experience is dirty fuel injectors. These can become clogged because of contaminants.


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