Signs You Should Schedule An Appointment With Your Emergency Dentist

How do you distinguish a dental emergency from a standard dental concern? We understand that it can be hard for the average patient. In severe cases that need urgent attention, waiting a few hours to see an emergency dentist West Loop can be the difference in whether or not you get to keep your tooth. If you still aren’t sure if you are looking at a dental emergency, watch out for these signs.

Broken or knocked-out tooth

Usually, this occurs after physical trauma to the oral area. Broken and knocked out teeth accompany excruciating pain. Seeking urgent care from an emergency dentist West Loop will help in pain management and may help save your tooth. Preserve your tooth in milk to prevent it from hardening before you get to the emergency dental clinic.

You have an unexplained swollen mouth or jaw

If you wake up to a swollen jaw or mouth without prior physical trauma to your oral space, you might want to rush to the dental clinic for urgent care. A swollen jaw may mean a lot of things. It could be a sign of oral cancer, an impending infection, or swollen lymph nodes. It is best to schedule an emergency appointment with the emergency dentist and let him or her clear the air.

Bleeding and deep cuts

Deep cuts and lacerations followed by profuse bleeding to your gums, cheeks, or tongue may occur due to direct physical trauma to the oral area. Apply direct pressure to the affected area to control bleeding. Rush to your nearest emergency dentist to have the cuts stitched and stop the bleeding. Some of these injuries may also need additional antibiotics.

Any of the above-discussed signs will warrant an immediate visit to the emergency dentist. Visit Pure Dental Spa now! We are dedicated to handling all dental emergencies with top-notch professionalism.

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