Signs You May Need an AC Repair Technician

Having your air conditioner suddenly stop working during the summertime is not just an inconvenience but also a danger. Particularly during the summer months in hot climates, the inside of a home can easily be hotter than it is outside beneath a tree. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to the hazards of hot temperatures, including heat exhaustion and heat stroke. A superior AC repair company can quickly diagnose and fix your problem so that your home can remain both pleasant and safe all summer long.

No Cool Air Being Produced

One of the most common issues requiring AC repair is if the AC unit is running but isn’t cooling the home. If air is going through the vents but doesn’t come out cold, your condenser coil might be stalled. Condensers can fail if the circuit breaker has been tripped or the fuse blown. In other cases, the air doesn’t come out cold simply because the AC unit is low on refrigerant. Meanwhile, other homeowners may experience this problem because their duct work features leaks that allow cool air to escape before it enters your home.

Unusual Noise

Another issue you may have with your AC unit is that it is making unusual noises, such as a loud rattle or a vibration. In this situation, the unit might have been incorrectly installed. However, sometimes the problem has to do with the system’s air handler, which regulates and circulates air throughout the duct work. If you hear a squealing sound, this may mean you have a belt-driven air handler whose belt has slipped. If you think this has occurred, you should shut off your unit and contact a repair person right away.

AC Unit Not Starting

You may also need the help of a qualified AC repair professional if your AC unit suddenly will not come on even though the fan inside your home appears to be functioning okay. The problem may lie with your thermostat or with your circuit breaker located outside near your unit. An experienced technician can help you correctly diagnose your AC issue and get your system running optimally again.

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