Signs That Paper Wasp Extermination in Pittsburgh is Needed

Wasps are one of the home’s most dreaded invaders. During summer, wasps can quickly put a damper on backyard activities. To protect friends and family from the dangers posed by wasps, it is important to contact a professional for Paper Wasps Extermination in Pittsburgh. To help schedule treatment, below are some signs that a home may have a problem with wasps.

Flying Insects

When a homeowner checks for wasps in the home, they should start by looking for signs of flying insect activity. Wasps can be identified by their yellow, slender abdomens and long, tapered wings. When a property is infested with wasps, a customer may notice multiple insects swarming in one area. If there are visible signs of wasps, call The-Beeman right away.

Chew Marks on Wood

Certain wasp species build nests by chewing through wood. When there are wasps in the home, the owner may notice tunnels and holes in wooden surfaces outside the home. Because holes in wood could indicate termite or ant infestation, the client should call a pest control pro to determine the exact cause.


One of the most reliable signs of a wasp problem is when their nests become visible. Depending on the wasp species, a nest may be built from chewed wood or mud. Wasps are territorial and will defend their nests; therefore, the homeowner should visit us website to schedule service. A professional exterminator can eliminate wasp problems permanently.


Another reliable indicator of wasp activity around the home occurs when an occupant is stung. Wasp stings can be very painful, and unlike bees, a wasp can sting more than once because its stinger does not come off with the first sting. If an occupant of the home is allergic to bee and wasp stings, a wasp infestation could be very harmful or even fatal. Don’t delay-;call for Paper Wasps Extermination in Pittsburgh today.

While some believe that wasps are best left alone, the reality is that they can cause serious damage to the home and danger to its occupants. For help with wasp control and extermination, call a local exterminator right away. Click here for more details.

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