Signs Sprinkler System Repair Broomfield, CO Is Needed

Keeping a sprinkler system in proper working condition is essential to keep a yard healthy and green. If it is not watered on a regular basis, the grass can begin to suffer, and ugly brown patches may begin to appear. If an issue with a sprinkler system is noticed, taking the time to have it repaired right away is a must. Some of the most common signs it is time for Sprinkler System Repair Broomfield CO can be found here.

Leaks around the Sprinkler Valves

If the sprinkler valve is leaking, it is a pretty obvious sign that repairs are needed. A valve that is leaking may be the result of a number of issues, which is why it is best to leave the repair to the professionals. Having the valve repaired as soon as the leak is noticed is essential to ensure that water is not wasted and to make sure the sprinkler system continues to function properly.

The Valve Won’t Come On

If the valve on the sprinkler is not on, it is a definite sign that Sprinkler System Repair Broomfield CO is needed. However, this is a common sign that goes unnoticed. A valve that does not function properly can result in dead patches in a yard. This is why it is a good idea to test or observe the system at least once a week. When this is done, a homeowner will be able to catch any issues before they become more serious.

Dead Patches in the Yard

An additional sign that may indicate a sprinkler system needs maintenance is if there are dead patches in the lawn. Two of the most common problems that cause this include valves that are misdirected or inadequate water pressure. If there are dead patches present, it is a good idea to call in the professionals to evaluate the problem.

When it comes to any sprinkler system, regardless of how large it is, even a small issue should not be ignored. It will only become worse over time. Wards Lawn Service offers more help and information about when to call in the professionals. Those who are interested can also visit the  website.

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