Signs of Bad Nursing Home Care

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Law Services

It can be disappointing when you find out your parent or grandparent is not receiving the type of care that they deserve. However, there is a big difference between poor care and abuse. It can be frightening to think that your loved one is not getting the care that is required by laws within your state. There are a number of different signs that you need to watch out for when it comes to improper nursing home care. Most of the time your loved one will not tell you when they are not getting the best care so you need to watch out for some specific signs.

Physical or Emotional Damage
If you notice in any physical marks on your loved one, this could mean that they are being physically abused. There is a fine line between not providing the best care and simply abusing someone. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which one is taking place. There are also times when elderly adults are getting emotionally abused which they will not always discuss with you. Maybe there is a specific individual in the facility who is treating them poorly and making them depressed.

Depression is one of the number one signs that there is some type of bad care going on in the facility. Even though these are all signs, it is important to remember that sometimes they are signs of other things. So it is crucial that you make sure that you have evidence to support your claim before you start accusing people of things that never took place. It is best to contact an attorney for guidance.

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