Signs it’s Time for Washing Machine Repairs in Omaha, NE

Most modern American families consider their washing machines indispensable. These appliances see a lot of wear and tear over the course of an average year, but it’s not always obvious when something is going wrong. Homeowners who don’t want to get stuck carrying loads of laundry to the local laundromat can read on to find out about a few early warning signs that it’s time for Washing Machine Repairs in Omaha NE.

Excessive Shaking

Washing machines may shake a little during normal operation, but they shouldn’t be banging around so much it causes noticeable sounds or makes the floor shake. Try rearranging the load to make sure it isn’t off-balance and ensure that the floor beneath the washing machine is level. If these steps don’t work, the machine may have a loose drum or motor mount, which will need to be repaired by a professional.

No Water

When homeowners turn on their washing machines, those machines should start filling with water immediately. The cause could be anything from a kink in the hose to a delayed water selection or a clogged water intake valve. The easiest way to diagnose the problem is to call a technician for Washing Machine Repairs in Omaha NE.

Drum Won’t Turn

If the drum won’t turn, the clothes won’t get clean. More often than not, a faulty belt is to blame. Replacing the belt is simple, but it takes a lot of work to get to it so it’s always best to hire a pro for this kind of repair.

Water Doesn’t Drain

When the laundry finishes its wash cycle, the water should drain from the washing machine. If water remains in the bottom, the clothes may not get clean and will come out soaked, making them more difficult to dry. Call a repair technician for help with checking the drain hose and, if needed, replacing the water pump.

The Bottom Line

Washing machines are useful household appliances, but only if they work. Homeowners who notice any of the preceding signs of trouble should call a technician for repairs as soon as possible. Visit  today to learn about one company that can help.

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