Signs it is Time to Replace Window Glass in Atlanta GA

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

While it would be ideal if windows lasted forever, this is simply not reality. This means that at some point or another, it will be necessary to seek the replacement for window Glass in Atlanta GA. Some signs that this point in time has come are found here.

It Feels Drafty in the Home

If a draft forms in a window, it is a clear indication that an issue is present. It is important that cold air in winter and hot air in summer never comes through a closed window. If this occurs, then replacing the weather stripping may be a temporary fix. However, in many cases, it will be the result of single pane Glass in Atlanta GA. Upgrading the glass will be the best course of action to prevent this draft from continuing.

The Window Sills are Rotting, Splitting or Paint is Peeling Away

All of these issues are signs that the window has passed its prime. If the paint is peeling and the wood has started to crack or split, then this can cause moisture to saturate into the wood and cause it to rot. If a window sill has rotten wood is present, then as the condition continues to deteriorate it will only get more and more costly to repair. It will also begin to attract termites and other insects that can destroy the already damaged wood. At this point, window and glass replacement is going to make the most sense.

Remember, not all glass is created equal. For people who don’t know what type of glass would best suit their needs, they should speak with the professionals. These individuals will be able to help guide the purchase and ensure that the right glass option is selected.

More information about Glass in Atlanta GA and when it needs to be replaced can be found by contacting the professionals from MG Glass Inc. Take some time to evaluate the state of the glass in the windows in place. This will help ensure that the best possible glass option is selected to restore the function of the windows that are in the home.

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