Signs it is Time for Roof Replacements Tucson

In some situations, a roof reaches the end of its life naturally, without experiencing any serious failure. It just appears worn out and old. However, if replacing the old roof is put off, it could result in larger issues in the future. As a result, it is best to watch for warning signs that it is time to invest in Roof Replacements Tucson. Knowing what these are can help ensure a roof remains in good, protective order.

Daylight Coming through the Roof Boards

Does the roof feel spongy when it is walked across? If so, it means that the underlying decking has become weak due to moisture. It is a good idea to check in the attic to see if there is any daylight showing through the roof boards. Also, look for signs of moisture in the insulation.

Granules from the Shingles in the Gutters

It is a good idea to look in the home’s gutters from time to time to see if there are any single granules present. Roofs often lose more and more granules as it nears the end of its life cycle. Darker colors or inconsistent colors on some areas of the roof is another sign that the granules have begun to wear away.

The Flashing around the Chimney

This is another area that needs to be watched and considered. If the flashing is made up of roof cement or of tar, it may have to be replaced with a water-tight, longer lasting fitting. In some cases, the best upgrade is to choose a metal flashing system.

Shingles that are Missing

This is another indication the roof may be starting to fail. If there are shingles in the gutters, or on the ground, then Roof Replacements in Tucson may be imminent. Make sure to see if all of the “tabs” of the shingles are present.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by replacing a home’s roof when necessary. While it may seem like the replacement can wait, this is never a good idea. For homeowners who have more questions or who want to learn about roof replacement options, they can visit the website or by calling the staff at Ralph Hays Roofing.

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