Signs a Home Needs Electric Service in Scranton PA

If the electric system in a home begins having problems, a homeowner can be in danger of experiencing electric shock or fire. It is crucial homeowners know the warning signs to look for so they will know when they need to pursue Electric Service in Scranton PA. A homeowner should never attempt to carry out electrical repairs on their own because they could place their life in danger. Prompt repairs can protect a home and ensure its electrical system is in sound order.

When electric problems are occurring, homeowners will notice these signs:

  *     Sparking at the breaker box, fuse box, or any switch or outlet must never be ignored. If sparks are occurring in any of these areas in a home, this can be a serious danger. Should a homeowner see any sparking, they need to make sure they shut off the main breaker and call an electrician right away.

  *     A burning smell or smoke coming from any wiring in the home signals the wiring may have been compromised. Damaged wiring accounts for many home fires each year and can completely destroy a home.

  *     When the breakers in a home are tripping or fuses are getting blown on a regular basis, it is important a homeowner seeks electric repair services right away. These issues mean there are electrical surges occurring in the wiring. This can lead to fires and electric shock.

  *     Flickering lights are a common problem and do not always mean there is a major electrical issue. If only one fixture is flickering, it could mean the fixture needs replacing. If more than one light is having the issue, the homeowner needs to call an electrician.

  *     If switches or electric sockets stop working, an electrician needs to come and investigate the cause. Attempting to use outlets and switches in this state can result in electric shock which can cause death.

If your home is exhibiting any of these warning signs, it is time for Electric Service in Scranton PA. If you would like to learn more about the electric services that are available, Click Here and visit They are the electricians you can rely on for expert services.

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