Signage in Chicago That Can Really Make Your Business Stand Out

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Printing Company

Operating a business can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’re in a crowded business field. You have to do everything you can to attempt to stand out from your competitors. You’ve probably got an online presence, as that is absolutely essential to operating a successful business. However, you shouldn’t neglect the physical techniques that were so successful in the past. A website can be created by anyone and operated from anywhere; a physical advertisement shows potential customers that you are actually a member of their community.

What kind of physical advertisement is right for your business? It really depends on the nature of your business. Signage can range from small handouts to massive banners that can be seen from far away. Banners are some of the most popular forms of signs because they are so visible.

The Benefits of Banners

Banners are large, typically PVC, signs. They are usually displayed outside, but they can be displayed inside as well. When you display a banner outside your business, you’re signaling to your potential clients that you’re a member of the community, as well as alerting them to your physical location. Banners are exceptionally effective forms of signage since they are so visible. With some of the best firms, you can have your banners customized with strings or grommets so you can string them up in highly visible positions.

Customizable banners offer you the option of adding your logo and your colors, as well as any message you want. In high-quality, weather-resistant ink, you’ll be able to display your message in any weather.

The Benefits of Stickers

Stickers are another classic form of signage in Chicago. Businesses enjoy them because they can be produced in bulk, and customers tend to affix them in places that they will see often. Customers like them if they are colorful and visually appealing; if they’re engaging, customers will affix them in ways that are visible to the most people. When you have aesthetically engaging bumper stickers, customers will put them on their cars and turn their cars into traveling billboards for your company. Everywhere that customer drives, he or she will be giving you free advertising opportunities.

In addition to putting them places where other people can see them, customers tend to place stickers on things they use frequently. Customers will slap a sticker on their laptop case, a bookshelf, or the back of their television. They do this because these items are close at hand when they get home with your sticker. It serves the purpose, however, of placing your logo in front of them multiple times per day. When it comes time for them to buy whatever product you’re selling, your company will be at the front of their minds.

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