Should You Consider Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In Bellingham WA?

Have you suffered injuries that have affected your life due to the negligent act of another individual or product? Did a loved one lose their life because of the injuries they received in an accident? When these types of situations happen, it is very important to contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Bellingham WA as soon as possible.

A victim or surviving family members need to protect their rights. An individual who is suffering from injuries needs to focus on healing and not on fighting with the insurance company to pay for medical bills or lost wages. If a victim fails to file a lawsuit in a timely fashion, they will forfeit their rights to a financial settlement for their injuries.

Pure Comparative Negligence

Washington uses a law called pure comparative negligence which means an individual can be assigned a portion of the blame for their injuries. For ruthless insurance companies, this is an opportunity to blame a victim for things they are not responsible for. With the help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Bellingham WA, any blame on the victim will be kept to a minimum.

Financial Damages

When an individual has been found at fault for causing injuries to another individual, a victim can receive damages to cover the loss of wages, medical bills, personal property, pain, suffering, and other types of financial compensation. The amount of money could be decided by a judge or jury if the insurance company and the victim cannot come to a fair settlement.

Alternative To Court

If an individual does not want to go before a judge or jury, they can also file a claim in the small claims court. The victim will have to ask the judge for permission to have a personal injury lawyer present. Another way to completely avoid court is to have the case heard at the Washington State Dispute Resolution Center.

Receiving compensation for the injuries you have suffered requires the help of a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will not charge you for legal representation and will only receive money for their work if they win your case. Browse the website to learn more about how a personal injury lawyer can help you. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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