Settling Civil Disputes Through Litigation

Although there are virtually thousands of laws on the books in the US, there are only two categories; civil law and criminal law.

Civil litigation is the term used for civil cases that go through the courts, civil litigation cases form the majority of all cases in US courts; approximately 70 percent of all court activity is civil in nature.

The losing party in a civil case does not face time in prison; the usual penalty is monetary in nature through a fine or an award granted by the court. Other penalties include restitution, restrictions and restoration. In the case of criminal action, guilt must be proven beyond doubt, in civil cases must be proven by a preponderance of evidence which basically means that the plaintiff in the case must prove to the court that there was a 50 percent probability of guilt on the part of the defendant. It is proving this standard of guilt that is the job of civil litigation attorneys in Houston, TX.

Why would you need an attorney?

In criminal law, the court will assign the accused an attorney if he or she cannot afford one; this is not the case with a civil action. In a civil action, if you want an attorney you must hire and pay the attorney yourself. There are plenty of reasons why you would want civil litigation attorneys in Houston, TX; assault and battery, insurance disputes, contract disputes and more.

Finding a civil litigation attorney:

As is true with all areas of the law, you need to find an attorney that focuses his or her attention on civil, or tort law. The attorney must be licensed to practice in the state of Texas. It is to your benefit if your attorney is experienced in dealing with a case which mimics yours; the more serious the case is, the more the attorney’s experiences must mirror your situation.

If you are involved in a civil action you will need to hire seasoned civil litigation attorneys in Houston, TX to represent your interests. To discuss your case in more detail you are invited to contact Minns & Arnett, Trial Lawyers online at Website URL

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