Serviced Apartments in Nairobi: The Best Option for Business Travel

Nairobi is the business hub for Central and East Africa. With thousands of Kenyan and international companies, Nairobi is a source of growth and opportunity for businesses all around the world. What often comes with this opportunity is the need to spend time establishing a presence and fostering relationships. This usually involves sending employees to Nairobi for an extended period of time. Businesses should make use of serviced apartments in Nairobi for three very important reasons.

1. It’s Better Than a Typical Apartment

Businesses are often focused on saving money where and when they can to maximize profits. Serviced apartments save on both time and money. Serviced apartments are fully furnished, trustworthy and easy to find online. There is no need for a business to focus on a long apartment or furniture search that may or may not prove beneficial in the long run.

2. It’s Better Than a Hotel

A business thinking about booking a hotel room should note that daily hotel charges could become very expensive over time. This is especially true when food is only available through room service or restaurants. Serviced apartments in Nairobi have lower rates than a typical hotel room. Also, tenants are provided with fully equipped kitchens. This means business travelers and employees that use serviced apartments are able to prepare their own meals, which is significantly cheaper than what restaurant charges.

3. It’s Good for the Traveler

The fact of the matter is that morale is an important factor in employee productivity and efficiency. An employee that doesn’t feel safe and comfortable in his or her accommodations will have a hard time focusing fully on the business tasks at hand. When it comes to common spaces, the best serviced apartments in Nairobi provide excellent perimeter security. On the individual space side, serviced apartments usually have one or two bedrooms with dining and kitchen areas. These factors help business travelers feel like they are safe, secure and at home.

When planning to spend time in Nairobi, make sure to look into serviced apartments. It’s good for business. Contact Andrew apartments in Nairobi.

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