Serious Plumbing Issues That Require an Expert

Fixing any necessary repairs throughout your household on your own can be a rewarding experience, giving you the feeling of being super capable for the sake of your family. However, there are some situations where DIY repairs simply aren’t enough, and an expert is needed to handle the maintenance. If you’re having issues with your residential plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia and you’re unclear as to whether or not you can handle it yourself, here are some serious plumbing issues to keep in mind that almost always need the help of an expert.

Broken Pipes

Finding a stray leak underneath your kitchen sink is one thing, but seeing extensive water damage in your walls or around your home can be a sign of a catastrophic problem that needs immediate assistance. Broken pipes in your walls or under your home can become highly damaging in no time, potentially soaking through your interior walls and plaster or leading to foundation issues under your home. Furthermore, if broken pipes aren’t properly handled, more expensive repairs are sure to follow.

Slab Leaks

Speaking of your foundation, a slab leak underneath your home is undeniably a reason to hire someone for help with your residential plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia. Broken pipes under your home that cause slab leaks can turn into major problems in no time, contributing to basement flooding, foundation corrosion or even the breeding of black mold, which can be toxic to your family’s health.

Drain or Sewer Clogs

Handling a small drain clog in your bathroom can generally be handled swiftly, but if a drain clog backs up to the point of no return, your home is in trouble. Meanwhile, sewer clogs can be even more horrendous, leading to backed-up toilets that are never fun to deal with.

If you’re on the fence about seeking help for residential plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia, remember that these common issues can become serious in a matter of hours. Deciding to forego the DIY projects when the result could become hazardous to your family is the best approach. Contact Rooter PLUS for more details!

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