Serious Injuries Require a Call to a Car Accident Attorney in Oahu

by | Jan 23, 2016 | Personal Injury Attorney

Oahu is beautiful, but even in this beautiful paradise, serious injuries can occur due a car accident. If an individual was injured due to someone else’s negligence, her or she should contact a car accident attorney in Oahu as soon as possible. Serious injuries could result in the inability to temporarily or permanently work. Continuing doctor’s appointments will limit the person’s inability to complete a full-time shift and limit the amount of money entering their household. Filing a lawsuit against the negligent party will help the victim gain the money they’ve lost from the inability to work. Medical treatment can cost thousands of dollars that need to be compensated by the negligent party.

Auto accidents that result in the death of an individual can be filed as a wrongful death lawsuit. Serious injuries can include broken bones, permanent scarring, a loss of a limb and brain damage. There are other injuries that are not considered permanent but can still be compensated through a lawsuit filed by a car accident attorney in Oahu. This could be whiplash, back injuries and temporary injuries that could last from a few days to a few months of treatment. Even these injuries can require treatment that can cost a lot of money that can also be compensated for a victim of a car accident.

An attorney will protect a victim’s legal rights and obtain the compensation they’re legally entitled to. They will review the circumstances of the accident and can give a victim an estimate of what their claim may be worth. A victim should spend their time healing from their injuries and not dealing with an insurance company calling on a daily basis trying to force them to settle the case. A settlement for a claim against an insurance company whose insured was at fault is usually presented in a short amount of time after an accident. They are hopeful the injured individual is in need of the money and will settle quickly. Don’t settle an insurance claim without first speaking to an attorney. Thousands of dollars could be lost and any future claims will be refused. For more information, feel free to visit

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