Selecting the Proper ATPase Assay for Your Research

When we talk about an ATPase, what we are referring to is a group of enzymes that work to stimulate the hydrolysis of a phosphate bond in ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which creates ADP (adenosine diphosphate). Your ATPase uses the energy made during the breakdown of the bond to perform other reactions on a cellular level. An ATPase is an essential enzyme found in each form of life and has significant roles in pH homeostasis, energy conservation, and active transport.

Transcreener ADP2 FP Assay

One of the simplest methods of ADP detection can be found in this particular assay. It can be used as an ATPase assay or kinase assay and is available as a kit that can be purchased online from BellBrook Labs. Theassay measures  the progress of an enzyme that is producing ADP during an enzymatic reaction. When the ADP displaces the tracer, it results in a decreased level of fluorescence polarization. The tracer is red-shifted to offer less interference and is available as 1,000 assay, 10,000 assay, or 10x 10,000 assay, 384 well kits to fit the needs of a broad range of researchers.

Transcreener ADP2 FI Assay

This assay also works with any kinase of ATPase assay to produce a fluorescent output that is read by even the most basic readers. This makes it a fantastic option for therapeutic and academic labs which typically use this type of equipment. It can also be found on BellBrook Lab’s website and is easily purchased through online and shipped direct from Madison, Wisconsin. It is available in the same kit sizes as the FP assay mentioned above.

Transcreener ADP2 TR-FRET Assay

This assay has lower levels of interference compared to other detection options such as coupled assays. It provides a far-red Forster-resonance-energy-transfer readout and does so in one simple mix-and-read step. Almost any ADP-producing enzyme, including ATPases and kinases, can be used with this product. It is also available in a variety of kit sizes, and can be custom dispensed as needed for large screens.

Other High-Quality Assay Options

BellBrook Labs offers a large selection of assays for a variety of research . We also offer custom assay development and lead discovery services. If you are interested in learning more about our laboratory or products, you can visit us at or contact us at

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