Security Features With Money Transfers

It can be very challenging to find safe, effective and efficient ways to send money to people across the city, across the state or even around the world. Online systems are always at risk of being hacked while mailing a check can also be a security risk and takes days or weeks to arrive.

A fast, safe and very secure way to send money is to use money transfers. Sometimes known as a money wire, this allows a sender in one location to provide cash to the agent, and then, within minutes, the person receiving the funds, no matter where they may be around the globe, has access to the money from an agent location.

There are many different money transfer services. One of the best known and the most recognized around the world is Western Union. This company has a solid reputation for providing reliable, safe and extremely fast transfers that take just minutes to complete.

Dependable and Secure

The key security factor with all money transfers is to have specific information available from the sender to the intended recipient of the transfer. The agents are trained to follow specific protocols, requiring the information be provided by both parties, so the transfer is seamless and always completed according to protocols.

The sender will provide the funds to the agent, as well as the specific money wire fee. The sender will also receive a specific identifier, known as a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). The MTCN must be provided to the receiver, and he or she will also need to have identification to match the name on the transfer as well as knowing the location from where the money was sent.

Today, most people can text this information as soon as they purchase money transfers. This allows the receiver to have all the information needed to drop by and pick up the cash at the closest location.

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