Saving Money When Eating Out at Restaurants in Hilo

Eating out can be expensive, especially when a person is on a limited budget such as those who are retired. Restaurants in Hilo often offer senior discounts to individuals, yet many people fail to take advantage of them. What are senior discount clubs and why should people sign up for them?

Senior Discount Clubs

An individual, when they reach a certain age, may find they can obtain a discount simply for showing a card at a restaurant, gym, retail location, or numerous other places. In many cases, the individual needs to sign up at the location to obtain their discount. This may be a hotel, a grocery store, a restaurant, or another place, but the discount and age a person becomes eligible may vary by the place. For example, some restaurants start providing this discount when a person hits 55, and others state the minimum age to be eligible is 65. Be sure to ask when signing up for one of thee clubs.

Why Should a Person Take Advantage of the Club?

A great deal of money can be saved by using the discount. Some places provide a flat amount off the total bill, yet others take a percentage off. Certain locations now provide a free item when the card is shown, and some retailers offer extra amenities for those who become part of the club. For example, a person may receive a free drink at a meal or free wi-fi access when staying at a hotel. For this reason, when signing up for a club, a person needs to understand exactly what they will get and take advantage of it every time they use the location to get the maximum savings.

Zippy’s Restaurants, among the most popular restaurants in Hilo, offers the senior club to guests 65 years of age and older. Individuals who join the club receive 10 percent off every meal they eat at Zippy’s as well as meals at Kahala Sushi and Napoleon’s Bakery. This discount doesn’t apply to liquor purchases or the purchase of a gift card but can be used for all other items. There is a fee for the senior club card, and a discount is offered for the spouse who is also 65 years of age or older. Be sure to take part in the senior club lifetime membership contest too. One lucky winner will win a lifetime membership to the club.

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