Saving Money On Heating Oil in Quincy MA

The cost of propane, gas, or heating oil in Quincy MA can add up if proper steps are not taken to help use it efficiently when heating the home. There are several ways one can save on the costs of their heating source very easily.

All windows should be covered during cold water. Draperies and curtains will help keep heat in the home. Adding a layer of shrinkable wrap to window panes in the home can also be very helpful in saving on the amount of energy used in the house. This is added by peeling, sticking in place, and heating with a hair dryer. It can be removed when cold weather is over.

Check windows to see if there are any drafty areas where heat can escape. This can be tested by placing a candle or lit incense stick a few inches away from the edge of a window. Move it around the perimeter and watch for flickering. At that location, caulk will need to be applied to fill in the void where heat is escaping. Doors are also prone to drafts. Place a door sweep on the bottom of each door in the home to help block drafts.

The thermostat can be turned down a degree or two from its normal setting to help save on Heating Oil in Quincy MA. People in the home will quickly get accustomed to the new temperature and they can put on an extra layer of clothing if needed. It is a good idea to use a programmable thermostat to help control the amount of energy being used in a home. It can be turned down to a low level at times when no one is expected to be at home or at nighttime when people are asleep.

Having the furnace serviced yearly can be very helpful in saving on energy sources. A professional furnace repair service can come and do an assessment of the heater to see if it is in need of an upgrade or if it needs any repairs. They will change out oil and clean the interior so it works to its optimal performance.

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