Saving Carpet: Water Damage Repair Services in Beaver County PA

Carpeting not only adds a touch of class but also comfort to an office or home setting. There are all the usual challenges to keeping carpet clean and looking sharp that can be expected, of course. However, those are trivial compared to the challenge that arises from water damage.

Sources Of Water Damage

Carpeting can end up water damaged by one of three ways: water from hoses or sprinklers during fire fighting efforts, floods, or a plumbing break causing an overflow. The latter is the least likely given where pipes are usually found in a housing structure, of course, but not outside the realm of possibility. In any case, carpeting can end up partially or completely water-soaked, resulting in different degrees of damage and different challenges to remediation faced by professionals engaged in Water Damage Repair Services in Beaver County PA.


Assuming the carpet has not been so totally inundated that the only solution is complete extraction and replacement, the first step is to identify the extent of the damage. A professional crew will proceed to completely extract all excess water from the affected interior space, using truck mounted vacuum equipment. The next challenge after that is to deal with mold and bacterial contamination.

Water-soaked carpet is an ideal breeding ground for mold and various bacterial growths. Particularly in the wake of a flood, mold infestation is an immediate hazard that has to be neutralized quickly. This involves application of anti-bacterial and antifungal treatments to all affected areas of the carpeting to inhibit any further growth, and the removal of contaminated carpet padding as well as scrub-down of the bare flooring.

High-powered fans and dehumidifiers dry out all affected areas within the office or home interior to complete the process of mold and bacterial inhibition, as well as to extract all remaining trace of moisture from the carpeting. It is after these decontamination and drying procedures are completed that the process of cleaning and deodorizing can take place. Afterwards, remaining cosmetic repairs can be carried out to cover the last traces of extraction and to achieve the best match of color and texture.

Professional Service

Steam Action Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Specialists has been involved in the challenge of carrying out Water Damage Repair Services in Beaver County PA since 1994. They have served residential and commercial clients throughout the Mahong Valley, providing service that meets the highest professional standards set by the industry. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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