Sanimatic: Quality Automated Sanitary Process Cleaning Equipment

Sani-Matic, Inc., aka known as Sanimatic, designs and produces automated sanitary process cleaning equipment. They started production in 1943, developing for the local dairy industry a Clean-Out-of-Place (COP) Parts Washer. Thus, began the setting of a precedent for quality and reliability. They also adopted the personal tough, providing expert advice and exceptional customer services. Their innovative approach to the industry continues to stand them in good stead.

Products and Industries Served

Sani-Matic has a full-range of automated sanitary process devices and their constituents. These range from clean-out-of-place (COP), clean-in-place (CIP) and immersion parts washers to various cabinet and tunnel washers. Their SaniCab and PharmaCab are popular among diverse industrial concerns. They produce boosted pressure systems and tanks as well as numerous components for their devices. Among them are:

* COP baskets

* Spray balls

* Strainers

* Supply tubes

* Tanker spray washers

Moreover, Sani-Matic also provides products to clean a variety of sanitary devices including bioreactors, dryers, mixers, and tanks for their customers. Among their markets are the following industries:

* Beverage: Subdivisions or specific concerns include

* Beer

* Carbonated soft drinks (CSD)

* Non-carbonated soft drinks (NSD)

* Spirits

* Wine

* Food industries relying on Sanimatic products are

* Bakery

* Beef

* Confection

* Dairy

* Ingredients

* Pet Food

* Pork

* Poultry

* Prepared Foods

* Sausage

* Seafood

* Snack

* Biotech, nutraceutical pharmaceutical, and personal care markets consist of the following:

* Animal Health


* BioPharm Liquid

* BioPharm oral solid dosage (OSD)

* Consumer over the counter (OTC)

* Cosmetics

* Nutraceutical

* Sanimatic

Since 1943, Sani-Matic has established a code of principles based on quality, innovation, value, and service. From their initial clean-out-of-place (COP) washer of components for the dairy industry to their current innovative approach to sanitary equipment, they have maintained an enviable position among their customers and competitors. Today, Sanimatic continues to maintain its position in the forefront of the production of automated sanitary process cleaning equipment and parts.

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