Sand in Austin, TX: From the Beach to the Backyard

All landscaping materials serve a purpose, but some are far more versatile than others. Brick, rocks, pavers, and timbers offer functionality as well as decorative appeal whereas concrete provides longevity and an unrivaled range of possibilities. Perhaps none, though, are quite as flexible as one incredibly common but often overlooked element: sand.

Potential Uses for Sand in Landscaping

Sand in Austin, TX has an uncanny ability to conjure up images of long, lazy days at the beach, but this is only one of the many powers it holds. It’s the basis of concrete and often used as a base for decorative pavers or filtration and aeration systems. Aside from those options, this single material offers a long list of aesthetic possibilities.

  • Japanese Zen Gardens:
    As a rising favorite among those of all cultures and mindsets, zen gardens have made their way into landscaping mainstream over the last several years. With sand as a base, strategically placed rocks and carefully pruned greenery can bring a beautiful, natural sense of calm and relaxation to your yard. Make it as large or small as you like, and feel free to add your personality to the arrangement.
  • Flower Beds:
    Flowers don’t normally thrive in the sand, but it can help them flourish. Plant greenery in a nice bed of appropriate soil, and add a layer of sand over the growing medium to hold in moisture and thwart weed infiltration. It also adds a unique level of appeal and a touch of the unexpected.
  • Lighting:
    From solar-powered pathway lamps to mood-enhancing candles, sand can be used as an effective foundation for outdoor lighting. Place them in ornamental planters, colored glasses or any other outdoor-safe containers to add an even more decorative touch. As fate would have it, sand can also put out the fire if a light short-circuits or a candle tips over.

These are only a few of the potential uses for sand in Austin, TX. From cleaning up oil spills for spotless garages and driveways to scrubbing gardening tools, this material offers ample flexibility and functionality. Of course, you could always stick with tradition and use it for filling an inexpensive kiddie pool to create hours of fun for the little ones. For further details or to get started on your sand-based landscaping adventures, visit

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