Safety First with Asbestos Removal Services in New Haven, CT

The natural material asbestos was one of the leading forms of constriction materials in the 20th-century but was later discovered to be a danger to public health meaning it can only be handled and removed by professional companies. Asbestos removal services in New Haven, CT, can have a positive impact on the lives of the people of the region by making sure they are not affected by the many medical conditions that are associated with this material. Throughout the last few years, asbestos has been linked to the development of certain forms of cancer that are developed when the asbestos in property flakes and chips.

Staying Safe in Older Homes

One of the most difficult aspects of asbestos being found in most homes is the fact it was commonly used in homes that were built before 1986. For most homeowners, asbestos is a material that they have lived with for a long time and the fact their asbestos insulation and wall coverings have not chipped or flaked makes this a material they have not become concerned about in the past. Older homes should be inspected for asbestos before a professional service is called in to complete disposal correctly with regards to EPA and local regulations.

Visit us to Lower Your Chances of Asbestos Inhalation

Asbestos is at its most dangerous when the sheets of the material that were used for their fire retarding properties and excellent insulation has become old and chipped. Asbestos fibers are dangerous when inhaled and can lead to the development of certain tumors and breathing issues. Visit us at Astech Marmon, Inc. to learn more about asbestos removal services in New Haven, CT.

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