Roofing Companies in Longmont CO Help Your Roof Do Its Job

Even though we may ignore and neglect them, roofs are still very important for a number of reasons; they protect our loved ones and our belongings from the harshness of the elements, add to the structural integrity as well as the curb appeal of our homes or businesses, and contribute to protection from heat and cold. That’s a lot to expect from one building component, and yet we still don’t treat them with the respect we should. The effects of roof failures, even small ones, can domino into serious structural damage and expensive repairs or replacement. Just a few broken or missing shingles or tiles can allow damage to the sheathing underneath. Once that sustains damage, it can deteriorate rapidly and become an invitation to rain, wind, debris, and pests ranging from mold and mildew to rodents. The introduction of these elements can lead to damaged support beams in your attic, unsafe electrical wiring, ruined insulation, and unsightly stains on your ceilings. Experienced roofing companies in Longmont CO can take the guesswork out of determining the condition of your roof with regular inspections.

Having your roof inspected regularly by highly-trained professionals can alert you to a number of problems and potential issues before they turn into expensive roofing emergencies, which can save you money. A thorough inspection of your roof may turn up more problems than you anticipate, so be prepared for bad news; especially if you haven’t had an inspection since you purchased your home. Small distressed areas can usually be repaired quickly and inexpensively, but more serious damage may call for a re-roof or even a complete tear-off and a new roof. Reliable roofing companies can not only handle the inspection process, but can provide a free estimate on the work to be done so there will be no big surprises at the conclusion of the project.

Providing quality roofing services of over 15 years, Blue Frog Roofing serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients and they would love an opportunity to show you what they can do for you. With warranties ranging up to 50 years, they can help with construction, maintenance, and repair of all types of roofs, using top quality products and well-trained, experienced crews. Keep them in mind when you’re looking for roofing companies.

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