Romeo and Julieta Cigars

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Who hasn’t heard of Romeo and Juliet, the tragic story of young love. However, there’s nothing tragic about the amazing aroma and taste of Romeo and Julieta Cigars. They have a rich history dating back to the 19th Century.

In 1875, Romeo and Julieta Cigars started production in Cuba. Since then, these fine cigars have established a reputation of excellence all over the world. Right after the Second World War, Sir Winston Churchill visited Cuba and became enamored with the cigars. In fact, they named one of their cigars after him. However, once the US embargo on Cuban goods went into effect, the operation was moved to the Dominican. You can purchase the Romeo and Julieta Havoc Fat Churchill today.

Why Handmade?

When you pick up one of these cigars, you can tell it is hand rolled. A cigar can be made by a machine but handmade cigars are so much better for so many reasons. A premium hand rolled cigar is created with the finest of tobacco products. The filler is made from top quality tobacco and is held tightly by the binder leaves. Only special tobaccos are used for binders and the wrapper.

A hand rolled cigar smokes evenly and smoothly. This is due to the way it is rolled. It’s true, these cigars will cost you more, but it depends on what kind of smoking experience you are looking for.

Some machine made cigars can smoke well and taste reasonably aromatic. However, many of these cigars are made with inferior tobacco. In fact, some inexpensive cigars are manufactured with tobacco pieces and scraps, and this can create a bitter smoking sensation.

The Art of Cigar Rolling

To create Romeo and Julieta cigars, the master cigar roller starts with the binder leaves. He removes the stems and works the leaf in his hand until it is smooth and soft. Next he grabs the filler leaves and rolls each one separately, placing them together. Carefully he places them on the binder leaves and rolls them tightly and securely. Once it is right, he trims the cigar and reaches for the wrapper or outer leaf. He wraps the cigar in the wrapper, keeping it tight and forming the ends as he goes, trimming while necessary. Finally he smoothes and applies finishing touches.

Why Smoke Romeo and Julieta Cigars?

There are many fine cigars in which to choose, so why buy Romeo and Julieta? Check out the logo with the gold medals. This signifies all the awards the cigar has won over the years at cigar exhibitions, and it shows in the flavor.

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