Rhinoplasty in Dallas – Before and During the Procedure

A common type of nose surgery procedure is referred to as rhinoplasty. Dallas plastic and cosmetic surgeons can perform this procedure on your behalf to reshape your nose and enhance its structure. The results of the procedure can provide benefits that include the correction of a defect in the nose structure as well as, in some cases, improved breathing.

Rhinoplasty can also reduce the size of the nose and adjust the nostrils in order to correct injuries, birth defects, or other disfigurements.

Prior to the Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a highly popular cosmetic procedure performed in the US. Generally, it is advisable to not perform the procedure on someone younger than 13 or 14 years of age as the nose is developing prior to these ages. It is always important to understand the benefits and risks of any surgical procedure, including this form of nose surgery. Your surgeon can inform you of the risks, benefits, and any requirements prior to surgery.

Two Major Types of Rhinoplasty

An open rhinoplasty reshapes the nose. A plastic surgeon will divide the nostril into by cutting a vertical strip. This gives the surgeon a clear view of the nasal anatomy. If less reshaping is required, incisions inside the nose can be made. Then, the skin may be removed from the bone and cartilage and subsequent reshaping, removal, and improvement can be performed as requested.

The Surgery Itself

This procedure takes a maximum of two hours – the timeframe depends on the actual work performed. Desired alterations are made after the surgeon makes incisions around the nose. Nasal skin is often removed and then placed over the new nose structure. A nasal splint may be used to stabilize the nose as well.

The ultimate goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to create specific changes that result in a pleasant and proportional appearance with the entire face. A healing process will proceed after the surgery is completed. You may experience a minor amount of swelling and bleeding after the procedure. Bruises typically appear around the surgical site. It may take many months or even a year to see the complete results of the procedure.

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