Rf Ablasion OKC Could Relieve Back Pain For Up To Two Years

Chronic back pain is a very common problem, affecting up to 80% of adults at some time in their lives. Right now, as many as 30% of Americans are finding it hard to get through their normal activities because of a painful back. Radiofrequency ablation (RF Ablasion) is a treatment that provides lasting relief for those suffering from a bad back.

What is RF Ablasion?

Rf Ablasion OKC can be an excellent solution for someone with back pain which does not want to go through a dangerous back surgery. It is also an effective treatment for some types of neck pain and arthritis. RF Ablasion is minimally invasive, performed on an outpatient basis. General anesthesia is not needed, only mild sedation and a local anesthetic. Recovery is quick, and there are few side effects, which usually only consist of temporary swelling and a little bruising.

RF Ablation reduces pain frequency and severity for as long as two years in over 70% of patients receiving the treatments. Radio waves produce an electrical current that is used to apply heat to particular nerve pathways, preventing pain signals from being sent to the brain. The procedure has a high rate of success and few complications. Health insurance will often cover the treatment. Anyone with a bleeding problem or active infection should not have this procedure.

The Benefits of RF Ablasion

Following is a summary of the benefits received from RF Ablasion.

  *      Pain relief can last as long as two years, significantly longer than from steroid injections;

  *      Low complication rate;

  *      Higher rate of pain relief than from surgery, which fails to help almost half of those undergoing back surgery;

  *      Greater range of motion after RF Ablation;

  *      Improved quality of life.

  *      Much safer than taker strong pain relievers every day, which have long-term side effects.

Dr. Darryl Robinson at Longevity Joint Spine Pain in Oklahoma City, OK, offers Rf Ablasion OKC to meet his patient’s needs for pain management. Dr. Robinson’s specialty is minimally invasive, non-operative treatments for pain management and spine care. Other procedures offered include platelet rich plasma injections, radiofrequency neurolysis, epidural steroid injections and adipose-derived stem cell therapies as well as EMG/Nerve conduction studies and radiofrequency neurolysis. To learn more and to book an appointment, browse the website.

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