Reviewing The Options Available Through Mobile Home Insurance

Consumers who purchase a manufactured home should evaluate insurance coverage. If the property is financed, the lender requires the borrower to maintain a specific policy. What consumers should understand about these policies is that they don’t guarantee coverage for all probabilities. For this reason, they must review the policies to evaluate their acquired coverage level.

Property Coverage for Manufactured Homes

Mobile Home Insurance covers fires, vandalism, and storm damage primarily. However, property owners could acquire coverage for burglary, broken water pipes, and falling objects. Additional coverage is available for damage caused by stray animals.

With manufactured homes, it is more probable for stray animals to cause the most damage. They could rip out the duct work, which leads to increased energy costs. Wild animals could also build nests within the ventilation which presents a serious health risk for the owner and their family.

Exterior damage could also occur during heavy precipitation. Most manufactured homes have tin or metal roofing, which may not withstand these weather conditions. This could present the risk of leaks and further structural damage. This may include mold or mildew developments.

Evaluating Your Liabilities

The coverage must protect the owner against common liabilities. This includes preventing litigation in the event that a visitor is involved in an accident on their property. This could include a slip and fall or a pet bite.

In these cases, the primary objective is to prove that the victim was within their rights to come onto the property in the first place. In terms of a pet bite, the victim must prove that they didn’t provoke them and cause the events that led to the accident. However, when it is determined that the property owner is liable, an adequate insurance policy provides assistance with the associated expenses.

Mobile Home Insurance helps the owner to protect their investment completely. However, it is important for these owners to evaluate the policies based on their requirements. They should perform a risk assessment based on events that are probable for their local area. This includes varying weather conditions that could result in significant property damage. If you wish to evaluate your options, contact Coast Auto Insurance Services today.

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