Reviewing Defenses With A Traffic Lawyer In Jefferson County, MO

In Missouri, traffic violations lead to serious penalties and fines. DUIs and reckless driving are among the most severe offenses. Drivers who receive citations or criminal charges must secure a proper defense to prevent convictions. A Traffic Lawyer in Jefferson County MO helps offenders determine the most suitable defense for their case.

Defenses for Speeding

Defenses used for speeding violations relate to a sudden emergency that required the driver to speed to avoid an accident. If the driver accelerated to get out of the way, he or she is not in violation of the law. The emergent circumstances could have caused a traffic accident if the driver didn’t move quickly. Other defenses for speeding include self-defense and coercion. Entrapment could apply if the officer broke the law in order to issue a citation.

Defenses Against Other Traffic Tickets

A mistake of fact is a common defense for a traffic ticket. It indicates that the officer’s perception of the event isn’t correct. It could also indicate that the officer pulled over the wrong vehicle during the traffic stop. The defense is used whenever speed limit or stop signs aren’t visible to drivers. Overgrowth and storm damage are common reasons for limited visibility of the signs.

Avoiding No Insurance Defenses

The easiest way of avoiding a ticket for an auto insurance violation is to provide proof of coverage. If the officer refused to accept the proof, the driver has the option to fax a copy to the law enforcement agency or provide the copy in court on the scheduled court date.

Fighting a DUI

To charge a driver with a DUI, he or she must be behind the wheel and the vehicle must be moving. An officer cannot charge a driver with a DUI if they are sitting behind the wheel of a parked car. It doesn’t matter if the engine is running or not.

In Missouri, traffic violations include but are not limited to speeding, reckless driving, DUI, and no insurance violations. An attorney helps defendants fight the charges or citations based on the most viable defense. Drivers who need the help of a Traffic Lawyer in Jefferson County MO contact Wegmann Law Firm right now. Visit our Google+ page for more details.

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