Reviewing Common Factors Associated With Work Injury Law In Glendale, AZ

In Arizona, federal laws define the insurance requirements for all companies that hire workers. Under these laws, they must purchase a worker’s compensation policy based on the total number of workers employed. The policy covers all medical treatments for a work-related injury. It also offers monetary benefits for qualifying injuries. Under Work Injury Law in Glendale AZ, workers have the right to file an appeal or lawsuit after they are denied these benefits.

The Circumstances of the Accident

The circumstances of the accident define fault. Work conditions that are hazardous and lead to an OSHA violation define the accountability of the employer. The area in which the accident occurred is evaluated to identify potential hazards that played a role in causing the worker’s injuries. Any OSHA violation leads to fines as well as a potential settlement for the worker, if they are denied benefits.

The Terms of the Insurance Policy

The terms of the worker’s compensation policy define an eligible injury. In most instances, the injury must occur while the worker is performing job duties or within the workplace. They cannot be partially at-fault for these injuries due to safety violations or failure to follow safety requirements.

Deadlines for Claim Submission

Under state laws, the worker must inform their employer of these injuries before thirty days has passed. The doctor that provides treatment must submit a report to the insurer within ten days. If these deadlines aren’t met, the claim is denied.

Appeals and Management of a Denial of Benefits

The worker hires an attorney to help them file an appeal. The appeal initiates a reconsideration by the insurer for the claim. If these efforts aren’t successful, the worker has a right to file a lawsuit against their employer.

In Arizona, federal and state laws require employers to acquire adequate coverage for their workers. The coverage is available through a worker’s compensation policy. The policies provide payment for medical treatment and monetary benefits. Under the terms of the policy, the injury must occur while the worker is performing job duties. Workers who need assistance under Work Injury Law in Glendale AZ should contact Garrison Law Firm today.

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