Reviewing Claims with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Centralia, WA

In Washington, auto accidents are a common reason for serious injuries. Victims who are injured due to these events have the legal right to start a claim in order to recover their financial losses. An auto accident lawyer in Centralia, WA helps victims who need to start a lawsuit now.

Is Washington a No-Fault State?

No, Washington is not a no-fault state. The state of Washington allows accident victims to file a lawsuit to collect compensation. The victims aren’t required to file a claim with auto insurers first. The laws don’t limit victims to filing claims for more complex or serious injuries only.

What Is Needed to Start the Claim?

The accident report is required to identify all parties that were involved in the accident. Next, the victim needs to gather all their medical records associated with their accident injuries. At least three estimates are needed for their auto repair costs. If they lost wages, the victim needs a financial statement from their employer showing the exact amount.

What Happens in Accident Cases When a Crime Was Committed?

DUI is a crime that could lead to accidents with injuries. Typically, the victim has a chance of receiving compensation in both civil and criminal cases. The civil case is filed to acquire compensation for financial losses. In the criminal case, the judge could order the driver to pay restitution based on the victim’s injuries.

What Happens in a Wrongful Death Case?

A pathologist performs an autopsy for all auto accident victims and identifies their exact cause of death. When filing a wrongful death, the family presents evidence that shows that the driver was accountable for the victim’s death. The legal claim is filed to acquire compensation for all financial losses and tort-based reasons.

In Washington, auto accidents lead to serious injuries and often fatalities. The events present the potential of a lawsuit due to a failure to acquire enough auto insurance coverage. When a driver is drunk, they could face serious penalties if an accident occurs. Victims of these types of events should contact an auto accident lawyer in Centralia, WA or meet Putnam Lieb Potvin, Attorneys at Law now.

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