Resolving Contested Cases for Custody with Help from Child Custody Attorneys in Temecula

Child custody is a matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly in a divorce. It’s a family affair that can impact a child’s entire life. Fighting for child custody can be a bitter battle that almost always needs professional assistance. Parents needing to enforce parental rights can do that with child custody attorneys in Temecula. It’s never okay for parental rights to be ignored. That is something that can be detrimental to the psychological health of the child and parent.

There is recourse for parents who are being denied the right to see their children. This accounts for a parent who officially has rights that are being undermined. In those cases, it’s necessary to petition the court for an order. Custodial parents who don’t comply have to answer to the court. A judge will take the time to learn what the issues are to resolve them and force the other parent to abide by the law.

Child custody attorneys in Temecula provide assistance for all legal matters involving children. Child support is another family matter that is frequently contested. An attorney can help a non-custodial parent who needs to make modifications for an active child support order. Also, there is excellent legal assistance available to enforce child support.

Many factors are put into consideration when it comes to parental custodial rights and how much a parent owes in child support. Joint custody is likely to be awarded when both parents are able to support the child, and both are fit to raise the child. This option can maintain a sense of balance and normalcy in a child’s life. A parent who is paying child support can ask for changes to be made when life circumstances change. The sum in child support can be lowered when monthly or annual income decreases. A judge does not order someone to pay more than what’s affordable, and the living expenses are deducted from that. Prospective clients can call the law office of Michelle Penna for a free consultation and case evaluation. Legal counselors render service with the highest standards of etiquette and care. Find more information at Website.

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