Reputable Diamond Buyer in Edmond

If you have come across jewelry that no longer holds a special place in your heart, you may find it’s time to sell. Knowing the best place to sell your diamonds, gold and silver can be hard to pinpoint if you don’t have a clue.  is a reputable Diamond Buyer in Edmond that can be trusted to provide you with a fair deal. They will buy any diamonds and precious metals that are old, used, broken or just no longer wanted and pay their customers top dollar. Their proven customer satisfaction has allowed them to become one of the most trusted metal and diamond dealers in the state of Oklahoma.

Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers will buy gold, silver, diamonds, platinum, bullion, jewelry, watches, coins and estate jewelry. They are fully licensed, bonded and insured. With 33 combined years of professional precious metal buying experience, each customer can rest assured their appraisal is met with integrity and honesty. Appraisals can be done on the spot with cash given immediately. The buyers will weigh the metal and offer a fair price based on current market value. Diamonds are inspected for clarity, size, shape, imperfections and color. If you’re not happy with the offer, you are free to hold onto your precious metals or trade your items in for something new.

Even if you are just trying to get an idea of what your precious metals or diamonds would be worth, the staff at Absolute Diamond would be delighted to provide a free appraisal. Sometimes it’s nice to know what you have even if you aren’t quite ready to sell. If you have estate jewelry to sell, you will be in good hands. Knowing that these matters can be complicated, Absolute Diamond will help you and your family sort everything out while maintaining a professional and sensitive manner.

For an extensive list of items that they buy, visit their website today. Most items are priced based on weight but some items will bring a higher payout than others. Items that are very ornate or a premium designer name will always carry a higher value. Visit Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers when you are ready to make a deal with a Diamond Buyer in Edmond.

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