Replacement Windows in Maumelle, AR – The Benefits

The sign that it becomes necessary to replace your existing windows is often when certain evidences of improper window functioning appear. It is important to evaluate the performance of your existing windows determine if you need replacement windows. Maumelle, AR homeowners can benefit from the window replacement services offered by expert window installers and help you achieve greater energy efficiency in addition to improved exterior home décor.

Some specific indications that it is time to replace your existing windows include:

  • A draft is coming in from the outside around the edges of the windows
  • Moisture is accumulating on the side or on the windows
  • The windows are difficult to open or close
  • The windows are difficult to clean properly

New replacement windows provide a number of benefits that include:

Better Energy Efficiency
Some existing windows only have one plane of glass. Freezing temperatures and the winner can cause these windows to feel icy to the touch. You can enhance the energy efficiency of your home through the installation of new windows, potentially giving you a savings of as much as 25% per year on cooling and heating costs.

Greater Visual Appeal and Home Value
Brand-new windows can improve the visual appearance of your home and add to its market value.

Simple Cleaning
The outside face of old-style double hung windows had to be cleaned from the outside. However, today’s double hung windows allow cleaning from the inside as a result of a tilt in sash that is part of the window. Simply adjusting the sash allows you to access the exterior window face and cleaned easily.

Preventing Damage from UV Rays
Ultraviolet rays are able to penetrate many windows installed in older homes to a great degree and create damage to interior elements of the home, including window treatments, furniture, carpet, and artwork. Replacement windows, however, can prevent as much as 95% of ultraviolet rays from coming into the home and causing such damage.

Minimizing Noise from the Outside
Not only are many replacement windows much more energy-efficient than older windows of the past, they are also noise efficient, preventing outside noise from infiltrating into the home to a great degree. This is particularly beneficial for home owners who live in areas close to schools, other high-traffic areas, and airports.

Contact an Experienced Windows Installer
An experienced and skilled windows installer can help you enhance the visual appearance of your home and its energy efficiency with quality replacement windows.

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