Repairing Tile Roofing In Wauwatosa WI

If a large tree limb fell onto a clay-tiled rooftop and cracked one of the roofing materials, removing and replacing the tile will prevent the roof from leaking. The following information explains the tools and steps that are needed to replace tile roofing in Wauwatosa, WI.


• replacement tile

• extension ladder

• harness and goggles

• wooden boards

• brick trowel

• nail gun

• roofing nails

Removing The Limb And Damaged Tile

An extension ladder needs to be leaning next to the side of the roof where the damaged tile is located. Before climbing a ladder, an individual should put on safety gear, including a harness and goggles. If another person is available they can spot the individual who will be making the repair to decrease the risk of an injury. After climbing a ladder, a wooden board should be wedged underneath the tiles that are overlapping the damaged tile to create a gap. The tip of a brick trowel should be inserted underneath the broken tile to lift the tile away from the rooftop. The damaged tile can be pull downwards with the assistance of a trowel.

Securing The Replacement Tile

A replacement tile needs to be lined up with adjoining roofing materials. After it is is place, wooden boards that were holding up surrounding tiles should be removed. Roofing nails should be inserted through the corners of the replacement tile if the other tiles were secured in this manner. Nails are often installed through clay tiles in areas that experience windy conditions regularly. In most cases, nails are not necessary and tiles will remain in place.

If tile roofing in Wauwatosa, WI ever becomes severely damaged or if an individual requires assistance with replacing a single tile, they should contact Waukesha Roofing Inc or a similar business. A roofing company sells a variety of roofing materials and educates each customer about their options so that they can choose materials with confidence. If a job will not require an entire roof to be replaced, a roofing crew will be able to quickly tend to a client’s needs to restore a roof to its original state. Estimates for repairs or installations are provided before anyone decides to hire a roofing crew.

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