Removing Rust From A Vehicle’s Exterior And Additional Types Of Auto Body Repair In Houston TX

Rust spots on a vehicle’s exterior can be eliminated by completing the project below. Afterward, primer and paint can be applied to the exterior sections that were treated to provide the vehicle’s body with a uniform appearance. If products that are designed to inhibit rust are applied, corrosion won’t be likely to occur in the future.

* power sander
* high and low grit sandpaper
* automotive detergent
* water hose
* bucket
* sponges
* roll of automotive tape
* touch up primer
* touch up automotive paint
* clear automotive compound
* buffing cloth

Eliminating Rust And Cleaning A Vehicle’s Body

A power sander needs to be moved back and forth over rust spots. A piece of low grit sandpaper should be used to eliminate thick patches of rust. Once most of the rust has been eliminated, a piece of high grit sandpaper can be used to smooth out the surface of a vehicle’s exterior. A small amount of automotive detergent needs to be added to a bucket of water to create a cleaning agent. Sponges can be used to apply soapy water to parts of a vehicle’s exterior that are dirty. Soapy residue needs to be rinsed from a car’s body with a water hose.

Applying Primer, Paint, And Compound

Automotive tape can be used to cover parts of a vehicle’s exterior that are adjacent to the areas that need coats of primer and paint added to them. Touch up primer needs to be brushed evenly over bare metal. After the primer dries, a coat or two of automotive paint can be applied over primer. A few drops of a clear automotive compound should be poured onto a buffing cloth. A buffing cloth can be moved over dry surfaces to provide fresh paint with a glossy appearance. A clean cloth should be used to eliminate excess compound from a vehicle’s body. If damage to a vehicle’s body is severe, Mawi Auto provides Auto Body Repair Houston TX can be hired to reverse the signs of damage.

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