Remove Dangerous Trees to Protect Your Landscape in Somerville

Many homeowners dread the day they must remove a mature tree from their yard. Trees provide shade, beauty, and privacy. Unfortunately, they do not live forever, and the removal of an old, damaged tree is a safety issue. Even though people will be safer with the tree down, it can be difficult to say goodbye. Here are some of the ways to make the most of the situation.

Accept the Decision

Someone that feels a sense of loss over the removal of a tree obviously has done all they can to save it. A 25-foot pine tree can weigh 1,000 pounds, and a hardwood of the same height could be double that weight. It is only a matter of time before a leaning, damaged, or diseased tree falls and destroys property or injures or kills someone.

Plan Something Special

Do not just remove the tree and stump and leave a hole in the yard. Plan a flower garden or install a fountain or a gazebo. Talk to experts in landscape in Somerville and see what type of grass, bushes or other natural addition would accent the yard best. The installation of an attractive and appealing feature can help to make the decision to remove the tree seem a little less unpleasant.

Avoid Any Waste

Donate the wood rather than chip or burn the remnants of the tree. A carpenter or artist may appreciate the free material. If a disease killed the tree and the wood is not salvageable for projects, donate it as firewood and be happy that at least it will have kept someone warm over the winter.

Plant Some Trees

Environmentally dedicated people may not feel a deep connection to a specific tree, but to all trees. The loss of one can be frustrating. The simplest way to overcome the anguish is to replace the lost tree with a new, healthy species. Companies that Landscape in Somerville can help to suggest the right type of tree for the soil and the amount of sun and shade in the area.

Do not hold onto a dangerous tree. The risk to people and property is real, and insurance companies will not cover the cost of a home damaged by a tree that was dying and ready for removal. Get more information about tree repair and removal before making a final decision.

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