Reducing The Spider Population in a Home

When a homeowner discovers there are several spiders on their property, they will most likely want to take steps in eliminating as many as possible, so they do not end up inside of their home’s living space. There are several steps that can be taken to get spiders to vacate a property. Here are some tips a homeowner can use for this purpose.

Use Less Lighting Outdoors To Minimize Spider Numbers

Spiders tend to stick around areas with abundant illumination. This is because other insects will congregate around the lighting, making it easy for spiders to get meals as a result. Reducing the amount of outdoor lighting on a property will help in keeping spiders away from the home. Yellow bulbs can also be swapped for white bulbs, as insects cannot see them as easily. This will reduce the overall insect population around the home, thereby reducing the spider population as well.

Use Essential Oils To Reduce The Spider Population

Spiders do not care for the scents of lavender, peppermint, tea tree, or citrus. Using essential oils in these scents around the home will help in keeping spiders from coming inside. Cotton balls can be dipped in one of these oils, and they can be tucked into corners and shaded spots where spiders tend to lurk. They can also be placed outdoors on porches and decks to keep spiders away.

Do An Assessment Of The Exterior Of The House

If there are several cracks present in the exterior siding of the home, spiders can hole themselves up inside of these areas and make their way inside of the home when desired. Plugging up crevices with caulk will help in keeping all types of pests out of the interior of the house.

Calling a pest control service like Atlas Exterminator Co Inc is one of the best ways to ensure spiders do not continue to be a problem on a property. They will take the appropriate steps in checking over the home’s interior and exterior for areas where spiders are abundant. They will then use the right measures in eliminating them for good. Click Here to find out more about Atlas Exterminator Co Inc today.

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